Let’s face it, the average business just cannot afford to pay a dedicated technologist to join their staff. At PC Pal Global we’ve got infrastructure maintenance and downtime mitigation down to a science. Our Total Tech Managed Services solution catches glitches long before they become costly incidents that can bring your business to its knees.

Did you know?

The average salary of a single support representative is $47,268 – Well above the cost of a Total Tech Service Plan

Why Invest In Total Tech ?

Its a daunting truth we've come to realize - businesses often rely on a tech-savvy friend or a resident "Jack of All Trades" to manage their most precious technology assets. Often times issues are handled in reactively resulting in downtime, frustration, and patchwork solutions.

Total Tech Managed Services by PC Pal Global provides an affordable and refreshing approach to monthly service agreements for technology assets. We've done away with the hourly billing models and complex multi-tiered services to bring a custom tailored solution for each of our clients. We ensure your technology "just works" by monitoring your servers and computers, ensuring the latest patches make it where they need to go, and proactively notifying you about threats before they become headaches. We'll even help manage your technology vendor relationships and make sure you're getting the best value from them.

All of this peace of mind comes with no strings attached, no long term commitments, and no hidden fees. Make stressful technology a thing of the past and give us a call today to discuss your needs.

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